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NGC 603



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The dynamics of luminous galaxies in isothermal halos
We examine the dynamics of luminous galaxies in singular isothermal massdistributions by fitting the line-of-sight velocity dispersion profilesof 37 elliptical galaxies assuming that the galaxies are spherical, arenon-rotating, and have a constant velocity anisotropy. We find that theobserved central velocity dispersion, sigmac, is a goodestimate for the velocity dispersion of the halo sigmaDM. Ifthe sigmaDM are fitted with a power law of the luminosity,sigmaDM = sigmaDM* (L/L*) 1/gamma, we findsigmaDM* = 225 +/- 10 km/s and 1/gamma = 0.24 +/- 0.05,compared to sigmac* = 228 +/- 14 km/s and 1/gamma = 0.29 +/-0.07 for the central velocity dispersions. The scatter about the powerlaw is correlated with the central surface brightness and the effectiveradius (the 'fundamental plane') and is uncorrelated with ellipticityand rotation. The existence of a fundamental plane that causes intrinsicscatter about the power-law relations significantly modifies the numbercounts of galaxies as a function of velocity dispersion.

The Structure of the Owl Nebula.
Abstract image available at:http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/1954ApJ...120..261M

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Observation and Astrometry data

Right ascension:01h34m44.00s
Apparent magnitude:99.9

Catalogs and designations:
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NGC 2000.0NGC 603

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